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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  March 3, 2016 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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david murphy. >> hello again here are the stories we are following now on "action news" at 12:30. we are tracking snow showers that could have an impact on your morning commute tomorrow. karen rogers has is the latest details from accuweather. and how did this happen? a school bus lost not one but two wheels while carrying students in the northeast this morning. and mayor kenney announced his budget plan. now the details, our seesaw weather pattern is keeping us on our toes, we have snow showers heading into the delaware and lehigh valleys that could cause problems for tomorrow's commute. >> looking live at sky 6 hd, look agent sunshine now but that could change to snowfall for the first week of march. penndot is preparing the roads for the snow showers. the action cam was over this truck as they gear up for the
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snowfall. karen rogers is at the "action news" big board with the latest on the track. >> reporter: the national weather service ib issued a winter weather advisory, i don't think it will last that long in philadelphia. most of the area encompassing this. maybe a coating on the grassy surfaces in the lehigh valley. but here is what will happen. our next concern is tonight into tomorrow as the area of low pressure passed by the to the south and weakens out to sea, there are gale warnings in effect off the coastline now but a winter weather advisory in our region now. you get a better sense of where the storm is now and it's bringing snowfall. we can see it in ohio mixed precipitation in virginia and the low pressure is out here near nashville. headed in our direction wren getting brushed by this, the
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colder air is in place and we see temperatures in the 60s for days earlier this week, it's 35 right now in philadelphia. 33 in allentown and 36 in millville. certainly above freezing so the road surfaces means when it comes down it won't immediately stick to it. from 10:00 tonight through noon friday we are watching for light snow showers and we'll see some slick spots and it's melting quickly with temperatures above freezing and the high march sun angle and we'll show you the latest trends coming up in a few minutes. >> of course with snow in the forecast stay with for the latest on accuweather, keep an eye on the wintry forecast from storm tracker 6 live and interact with our meteorologists on facebook and twitter. in addition we'll be on the air a half hour early in the moshing to get you ready for the snow. i say we but sara and i will be
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watching. it's a bizarre situation involving a school bus full of children. this bus somehow lost two of its tires at the 88 hundred block of brockelhurst. and parents are concerned about this. >> reporter: the parentses are concerned and the scene is all cleared now but the routine trip to school ended with quite the adventure for those students. >> you don't see this every day, a school bus lost its wheels on the way to school. concerned parents shared this picture with "action news," her eighth grade daughter was on the bus when it happened thursday morning. >> she is our calm child but it sounds like all the kids were loud in the background and i thought they were even maybe screaming, but she says everyone was okay. >> the incident happened at 7:30
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on the 8800 block in northeast philadelphia. the bus was on its way to maritime charter school when two tires fell off. her daughter texted her pictures of the scene. >> she sent me a picture of the tire on the ground. i said what is that and she said that is our school bus tires, they both fell off. >> this will definitely be the chatter around campus. >> thank god it was on a side street and not the main streets. >> parents want answers from the school district about how this could happen. >> there should be safety inspections, the buses should be checked before any children boarded and i thought they would have been. their tag line is your children's safety is our business. >> the good news all of this, the students at school are safe. we did reach out to the school district to answer questions about this incident and answer
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questions about school minute an ance and we are waiting to hear back. classes were canceled at tacony charter school because of a threat on social media. the parents of a student that received it called police. philadelphia mayor, jim kenney laid out his first budget plan to city council this morning. the $40 billion budget aims to expand pre-k education and fund rec centers, parks and libraries. he wants a 3% tax on sugary drinks. funding cuts from harrisburg continue to have a negative effect. >> apparently 46% of our kids enter kindergarten unprepared. our failure to properly educate
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our children has reverberated throughout our economy. >> kenney wants approval for 800 body cameras for the police department. members of the philadelphia police department are asking for the public's help to find two fraud suspects. the men in this video used a counterfeit credit card at the timberland store on february 23rd, and days later another suspect returned to make another purchase. it was declined and returned later with another fraudulent credit card but that transaction went through. anybody with information is asked to call police. a tractor trailer caused headaches for commuter this morning. the tractor trailer jackknifed in morris township at 9:00 and the big truck blocked all three lanes forcing traffic to get by on the shoulder and it was wedged against the guardrail and leaked some fuel but there were no injuries.
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eagles quarterback, sam bradford, is talking about his deal today. they have come to an agreement on a new contract. jeff skversky is joining us from the nova center. >> reporter: hey guys, sam bradford is set to take the podium behind me about 90 minutes to talk about the new two year contract worth roughly $36 million among the things he will be asked how close was he to testing free agency and how much of an impact did new coach doug peterson have on his decision to stay. lets take a look at sam bradford, he is not walking away from the eagles of just one season in philadelphia. eagles coach doug peterson told 6 abc that he made it a point to know that he felt the eagles
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could make a deep playoff run with sam bradford. a top pick that never won more than seven games in a season and never started a playoff game. but they have high hopes after the end of the last season. he is only 28 years old and they are expected to tailer this offense after bradford something they didn't do so well last year in chip kelly's final season. we'll hear from bradford in less than 90 minutes. jeff skversky, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. you can watch the news coverage live here at 2:00 on 6 abc, and, and you can find analysis from the 6 abc sports team and what it means for the birds. and astronaut, scott kelly, back in america, what he has to
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say about his year in space. and the new movie zootopia. we talk to the directors of the fill. .
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.fast moving fire forced several people out of their home in south philadelphia. the blaze broke out on the 64 hundred block of carlton street this morning. they found homeowners trying to put the fire out with extinguishers. now 23-year-old aaron smith who is white shot gregory gunn last week and he got into a scuffle with smith who fired his weapon. he is held on $150,000 bond and the attorney for the officer called arrest a political witch hunt and defies that smith did anything wrong. there are new details about the piece of debris found in
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mozambique and if it could belong to the missing malaysian air flight 370. >> reporter: these are just released pictures of that debris discovered on the beach in mozambique that could unlock the mystery of the missing airline flight 370. >> it is of interest to us, but i can't confirm at all if it's a piece of a plane. >> they learn that an american tourist blaine gibson made the discovery over the weekend. >> it's a high probity that the debris is from 370. >> it vanished march 28, 2014 with 239 people on board. in an interview, the pilot's sister defended her brother.
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>> contrary to what people said, he is a very gentle and caring -- >> investigators from multiple countries are working together to get closure with the two year anniversary tomorrow. >> i think it's within our rights to have closure. we want closure and need closure. we seek and cry for closure. >> as for the investigation officials say that this piece of debris is at a lab being analyzed and we could get an interim report next week. channel 6 "action news." scott kelly is now back on u.s. soil after spending nearly a year in space. the astronaut arrived in houston and was welcomed by his family including his twin brother, mark, and joe biden's wife jill.
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who welcomed him with beer and an apple pie. he returned to earth and landed in kazakhstan yesterday. i left here in february, i don't know what day it was in february. i was 50 and now i'm 52 so it feels great and it's great to be back in texas. on u.s. soil. >> scientists are now comparing how kelly's body measures up against his twin brother in the united states. and hopes this information will help them with their missions to mars. looking live at sky 6 hd, at penn's landing, it's a clear afternoon but it's going get cold and a little snowy, karen rogers has an update from accuweather when we come right back.
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meteorologist, karen rogers, is in for david murphy.
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>> aren't you ready for spring and the flower show? just a couple of snow showers coming your way before that. look agent stormtracker 6 live double scan around the region you can see we are dry. lets go outside and head down to cape may and look live on sky 6 hd, and we are enjoying sunshine today and now we see the clouds roll in. 35 degrees right now and colder than it has been and the dew point with a lot of dry air in place and the precipitation is fighting the dry air and the pressure 30.27 inches and the winds are light today at 3 miles per hour and the winds are not a factor at this point. it shows how we have the beautiful sunshine and it starts off nice and the clouds roll in and you see the snow already in ohio now almost in pittsburgh and west virginia, we get the wintry mix at this point and here is the low pressure tracking towards the region and rain to the south and we get brushed by the system as it comes to the area later tonight
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and into tomorrow. lets look at the day planner, hour by hour, 38 degrees and 4:00 p.m. 39 and 6:00 p.m. 36, you are dry and no weather issues affecting you, and lots of clouds and temperatures above freezing and any time after 10:00 the first snow showers begin. lets look at this with future tracker 6 at 11:30 tonight, we see snow moving into the area and this break a part a bit, we get a few hours of snow showers and then we watch the commute, some snow showers starting to move back into place here or there. and especially by 9:30, but at that point we'll have temperature as above freezing in the region. so i think it will be melting quickly and be a little slushy on your secondary roads. lets go over what to expect with this. the models are not impressed with 24 system and they are
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suggesting an inch of snow and some places may get closer to 2 inches of snow and it's a southern storm and the best chance to get closer to 2 inches is in interior parts of new jersey and delaware. and less than that in the lehigh valley. some folks may get just a coating on the grassy surfaces, this is tonight and into the morning commute tomorrow. an inch or two of snow you can expect delays and could reduce visibility at times if you are driving during it. and here is your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast sunshine this morning has been fading behind clouds and more clouds this afternoon. 39 for your high and light snow showers tomorrow ending late morning hours it's windy and melting quickly with the high of 39 degrees, it's not as harsh on saturday, 45 degrees, sunday a few morning rain or snow showers not really amounting to anything, 48 for your high and feeling better and much better
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on monday and turning milder and 58 on tuesday we are talking the upper 60s and the spring fling, enjoy it it gets better on wednesday 72. and we are talking snow and then 70s. not bad. >> tomorrow the 55th feature film in disney's collection hits the screen. it's called zootopia and alicia vitarelli had a chance to talk to the two directors at the helm. >> they are powerhouses, byron howard directed tangles and rich moore directed wreck it ralph and they are directing zootopia, leaving you laughing and tugging at your heart strings. >> ready to make the world a better place -- >> a small town bunny moves to the big city zootopia with big
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dreams. she finds an unlikely friend in the fox. recognize that voice it's jason bateman. >> we like this one is a comedy about two unlikely friends coming together, the kind of naive idealist from the country trying to live out her dream and the jaded cynic who doesn't believe it's ever going to happen for them. >> directors say that the goal was to make zoo topia just as enjoyable for the adults as for the kids. >> we put references that adult was enjoy more than the kids like references to the godfather. moore and howard say they assembled their dream cast, a star studded lineup that gathered for zoo topia's
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hollywood premier. jason bateman, shakira and tommy chong and octavia spencer -- >> this felt like the oscars and the grammies. >> just kind of the party of my dreams. >> they even snagged super star shakira for her first ever part. >> she uses her fame to do good. and i think that is exactly what this gazelle haracter was.
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now a special spotlight on a special lunch program. mark veteri call its eat a kit. making school lunches restaurant style and he will be featured on the chew and so will the kids at the leadership academy. and they are trying new meals and making lunch a social experience. veteri is thrilled that the program and the students taking part are getting national attention. >> know the people on the chew and i love the chew and this is awesome and we wanted them to see this for a while. >> see how mark veteri is changing the lunch program here in philadelphia on the chew coming up at 1:00 here on 6 abc.
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karen with a last look outdoors. >> it is chilly, 35 in philadelphia and in the lehigh valley cooler with 32 and 37 in millville. expecting snow later tonight and tomorrow. from 11:00 until noon tomorrow, light snow showers and we'll see slick spotted especially the secondary roads for your commute. be careful about that. but with the march sun angle and warmer temperatures, it will melt quickly. an inch or two expected. the betsy ross house is celebrating with a new exhibit it's women in history in america. you see what jobs colonial women performed in and out of the home. and phyllis is an african-american woman who was born into slavery and educated
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and then freed by her quaker owner. now coming up on "action news" at 4:00. we are waiting on quarterback, sam bradford who addressed the med media about the eagles keeping him in down for two years. and we have a special report for buying the house you always wanted. join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> for david murphy, karen rogers, rick williams and the entire "action news" team. i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon.
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